Lab Updates

Sometimes even the boss pitches in to help get important experiments finished!
Members of the Cochran lab snap a selfie between experiments. (From L to R: Bri Rogers, Sydney Roberts, Jeyashree Elango, and Shelby Lauzon)
Research Associate Sydney Roberts looking at cultured neurons through a cell culture microscope.
The biannual Research Report highlights the latest accomplishments and discoveries from HudsonAlpha researchers. It covers work contributing to the future of our community and our planet in the areas of human health, plant science, and foundational research.
Everyday DNA is HudsonAlpha’s bimonthly blog that takes you inside the science behind HudsonAlpha’s discoveries. In this article, you’ll learn about cell culture technology and how Dr. Cochran’s lab uses it to study neurodegenerative diseases.
Dr. Cochran joined Tiny Expeditions co-hosts Sarah and Chris in “When our brains fail us: an exploration of neurodegenerative diseases,” to talk about neurodegenerative diseases and how his lab is using genetics to help develop better diagnostic and treatment options.