Genetics and genomics are at the center of everything we do at HudsonAlpha.

From day one, our vision has been to leverage the synergy in human and plant genomic science to improve the human condition around the globe. Whether you are looking for a sequencing partner, a research collaboration or access to genomic health solutions for your patients or employees, HudsonAlpha is able to deliver innovative solutions to solve complex problems.

Here are a few areas we can collaborate:

HudsonAlpha Health Alliance ↗

Delivering innovative solutions to advance population health

  • Customized Genomic Health Programs
  • Population Health and Education
  • Uncovering hereditary cancer, heart disease risk and medication optimization

HudsonAlpha Clinical Services Lab ↗

Providing high-quality clinical genomic health solutions

  • CAP/CLIA Lab
  • High-Quality Genomic Testing
  • Expert Analysis and Interpretation

Smith Family Clinic ↗

Finding answers for patients with undiagnosed disease

  • Genomic Sequencing
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Genetic Counseling

HudsonAlpha Genomic Sequencing Center ↗

Providing high-quality whole genome sequencing, assembly, and analysis for research

  • Global leader in de novo sequencing
  • Expertise in plant genomics
  • Long-read sequencing

HudsonAlpha Educational Outreach ↗

Engaging students and teachers with hands-on STEM experiences

  • Offering professional development
  • Engaging students in hands-on and STEM experiences
  • Preparing your STEM workforce

The Center for Genomic Medicine ↗

Improving the health of people through advances in genomic medicine

  • Focusing on innovative research
  • Bringing researchers and scientists together
  • Translating research findings into clinical practice

HudsonAlpha has partnered with more than 700 researchers and clinicians around the globe. We collaborate with the following:

  • Health Systems
  • Industry Partners
  • Academic Collaborators