The HudsonAlpha Trainee Program supports and promotes the training of HudsonAlpha graduate students and postdoctoral associates. Graduate students in doctoral training programs at the University of Alabama in Birmingham and the University of Alabama in Huntsville can join HudsonAlpha labs to complete their dissertation research. Under the direction and mentorship of HudsonAlpha faculty investigators, students conduct innovative research while preparing for careers in genetics, genomics, and bioinformatics. Trainees benefit from the best of both worlds – their home institution’s infrastructure and the HudsonAlpha campus’s unique culture. UAB and UAH Ph.D. students training in HudsonAlpha labs receive tuition and fees, health insurance, and a living stipend. 

Current Graduate Students

Current Postdoctoral Associates

Julie Robinson

HudsonAlpha Lab: Dr. Alex Harkess

Alan Yocca

HudsonAlpha Graduates

Lindsay Waite Jones

HudsonAlpha Lab: Dr. Devin Absher
Home Institution: UAB School of Public Health/Biostatistics