WAFF highlights HudsonAlpha’s Decade of Discovery

HudsonAlpha celebrated its ten-year anniversary April 25.

Liz Hurley from WAFF 48 highlighted the institute’s Decade of Discovery in a seven-minute story featuring HudsonAlpha researchers and Anna Brooke Ainsworth, the first patient enrolled in the CSER project. Anna Brooke’s parents spent nine years searching for answers until HudsonAlpha researchers diagnosed her with Cornelia de Lange syndrome. 

“It was like Christmas. We were elated. After nine years of not knowing what was going on, now we had an answer and we could move forward,” said Miranda Ainsworth, Anna Brooke’s mother.

Hurley also sat down with HudsonAlpha co-founder Jim Hudson, and Drs. Greg Cooper and Shawn Levy to discuss how far we’ve come in the past ten years, and where we’re going.

“Historically, this sort of test was considered a last resort and we believe that it absolutely should be one of the first things that should be done. We’re not too far from a world where your genome is part of your labor and delivery process. A baby is born and a genome sort of goes along for the ride,” Cooper said.

“I think what you will see in 10 years is the treatment of rare disease using DNA-based therapies, either in DNA-based drugs or in the editing of genomes,” Levy said.

Watch the story here:

HudsonAlpha’s Dr. Neil Lamb also spoke with Hurley about some of our greatest achievements in the last ten years. Check out his live interview on National DNA Day: