HudsonAlpha welcomes a new human genomics faculty investigator

HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology is expanding its neurological disease research with the addition of a new faculty investigator, Andrew Kodani, PhD. His first day with the Institute will be May 1, 2024.

Dr. Kodani specializes in using human genetics to understand the fundamental basis of brain development and neurodevelopmental disorders. His lab works with clinicians around the country to identify disease-causing genetic mutations in individuals with rare neurological conditions, but they don’t stop there. They take a deeper dive into the cellular and molecular biology of those mutations to understand the developmental mechanisms that are disrupted in the brain in an effort to develop quality-of-life treatments for affected individuals.  

“HudsonAlpha has a strong history of using cutting-edge genomic technologies to identify disease-associated mutations in children and adults with neurological conditions,” says Kodani. “I am excited to join the genetic efforts at HudsonAlpha and contribute to the mission of helping individuals with neurological conditions in Alabama and the US.” 

Andy Kodani, PhD

Kodani’s expertise in cellular and molecular technologies complements the existing research ongoing at HudsonAlpha, especially Faculty Investigator Greg Cooper, PhD, who specializes in the genetics of rare neurodevelopmental diseases, Faculty Investigator Nick Cochran, PhD, and Chief Scientific Officer Rick Myers, PhD, who study how genetics plays a role in brain health and disease. 

“We’re excited to add Dr. Kodani to our human genomics team,” said Richard M. Myers, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, President Emeritus, M. A. Loya Chair in Genomics, and faculty investigator at the Institute. “Andy’s innovative approach, combining cellular biology with advanced genetic analysis, holds immense promise for unlocking the mysteries of these complex conditions. His expertise will undoubtedly contribute significantly to advancing our understanding of brain health and disease.” 

Kodani comes to HudsonAlpha from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN. He earned his PhD in Developmental and Cell Biology from the University of California at Irvine. 

About HudsonAlpha

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