University of Michigan researcher presents at HudsonAlpha seminar

Jeffrey Kidd, PhD, presented an overview of his laboratory work in a seminar at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology on Wednesday, Dec. 2. In his presentation, Kidd described QuicK-mer, a technique his team developed for estimating genome copy-number. Then he explained how his team applies the QuicK-mer approach in a genetic approach to understanding how human populations historically migrated out of Africa and across the globe.

“I’ve heard a lot about HudsonAlpha from my colleagues in Michigan who have collaborations here,” Kidd said. “This visit has been a great opportunity to see for myself what HudsonAlpha is doing.”

Greg Cooper, PhD, a faculty investigator at HudsonAlpha, hosted the seminar presentation.

“These seminars are an important part of maintaining a healthy research institution,” Cooper said. “Dr. Kidd shares a lot of common interests with researchers here at HudsonAlpha, and his exciting work makes him a perfect candidate for a seminar speaker.”

Kidd’s lab at the University of Michigan applies a genome-wide approach to understanding the processes that shape the structure, content and sequence variation of genomes among human populations and between species. They seek to understand how biological and historic population processes act to shape genomic variation and how this variation leads to the wide range of phenotypic diversity observed in the natural world.

The HudsonAlpha seminar series will resume in 2016.