Meet Veronica Greve, HudsonAlpha and Smith Family Clinic’s newest genetic counselor

Describing her counseling style as calm and understanding, Veronica Greve looks forward to her new role at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology and the Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine as a genetic counselor.

Veronica Greve

Greve was initially pursuing a career in plant science, but decided she wanted a job where she could see the direct impact of her work on the lives of others. It was at this time that she discovered the field of genetic counseling.

“It was a way that I could use science in my day-to-day life, do research and also interact with people on a more one-to-one level,” Greve said. “I’m glad to have the opportunity to really work with people to help them understand and answer their questions about genetics.”

Greve first heard of HudsonAlpha while completing her masters in genetic counseling at the University of Minnesota. Interested in the research and clinical opportunities at the Institute, Greve decided to pursue a job opportunity after she graduated.

“Once I interviewed and heard a little more about the projects, I got really excited to become involved in some of the research and the clinic as a whole,” said Greve.

The Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine sees people with rare undiagnosed diseases that are believed to be genetic. HudsonAlpha opened the clinic on its campus in 2015 to fulfill a vision of using genomics to help patients directly. Greve joins genetic counselors Kelly East, Meagan Cochran and Whitley Kelley; all of whom provide genetic counseling for HudsonAlpha research projects and patients at the Smith Family Clinic.

Greve is looking forward to becoming more involved in research, and is working towards the opportunity become a resource and support projects of her own.

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