Jackson Laboratory scientific director presents genomic research at HudsonAlpha

Charles Lee, PhD, presented an overview of his laboratory work on genetic changes in chromosome structure at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology on Wednesday, October 28.

Lee is the scientific director of The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine in Farmington, Conn. His work focuses on the DNA differences — called genomic structural variation — that cause birth defects and on how structural variation shapes the evolution of mammals’ genomes. He is also interested in development and application of new technology for genomic medicine.

“I have long heard and know of HudsonAlpha because of its great reputation,” Lee said. “This is the first time I’m actually seeing the place, and I’m truly impressed.”

HudsonAlpha Faculty Investigator Greg Barsh, PhD, hosted the seminar.

“Dr. Lee gave a terrific seminar about work in his laboratory on genomic structural variation,” Barsh said. “He is building a research program that leverages almost a century’s worth of contributions in mouse genetic research at The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, to develop genomic solutions for human disease.”

The Jackson Laboratory is an independent nonprofit organization specializing in genetics and genomics. The organization’s goal is to increase understanding of human disease and discover precise genomic solutions.

The next seminar will be at noon on Wednesday, Nov. 4, featuring Nita Limdi, PhD., of the University of Alabama at Birmingham.