Huntsville man shares Information is Power story with WAAY TV

After losing his daughter to breast cancer, Dr. Charles Horton of Huntsville, Ala. decided to learn more about his cancer risk, and his grandchildren’s risk, through HudsonAlpha’s Information is Power initiative.

With a simple cheek swab, the Information is Power test can tell you your genetic risk for certain cancers including breast and ovarian cancer.

It’s a seemingly simple decision we all have to make. It’s one that captures the fighting spirit of Horton’s late daughter, Ginger Szabor-Durham.

“She was quite a gal. She liked to have a good time. She had a fun life,” Horton said in an interview with WAAY TV.

WAAY TV also spoke with Sara Cooper, PhD, of HudsonAlpha to learn more about how the initiative has provided valuable health information to more than 4,000 participants.

“We partner with one of our companies in the building called Kailos Genetics to sequence 32 different genes for which changes in those genes can affect your risk for cancer, in particular breast and ovarian cancer, as well as colon cancer,” said Cooper.

Watch the full story from WAAY TV.

You can hear more from Horton, and other Information is Power participants at the Tie the Ribbons luncheon Nov. 7 at the Von Braun Center, North Hall. Register today at