Get to Know HudsonAlpha: 2009 Year in Review

Thank you for joining HudsonAlpha on our exciting and important journey of genomic research, economic development and educational outreach.  As we prepare to wrap up another year, we would like to share some of the institute’s 2009 highlights:

Two more world-class researchers joined the institute earlier this year.  Dr. Shawn Levy came from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center; Dr. Greg Barsh, from Stanford University School of Medicine.

Dr. Jian Han’s H1N1 diagnostic received emergency-use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration. The test can differentiate among H1N1, Influenza A and B, meningitis, staph, strep, pneumonia and a host of other bacterial and viral illnesses in less than six hours. The swift process from research lab to marketplace is attributed to the collaborative focus between our nonprofit researchers and our associate companies.

HudsonAlpha’s Biotech 101 course exploded in popularity, with nearly 200 community members participating in the free, five-week course. Program graduates are eligible for Biotech 201, starting in February 2010.

Students competed for a coveted spot on HudsonAlpha’s inaugural BioTrain, working in research labs at HudsonAlpha or our associate companies.  Nearly 300 students applied, hoping to earn one of the 25 paid internship positions.

In September, the External Affairs welcomed our volunteer “Ambassadors” on board. These 18 community leaders will help advance our mission through awareness building efforts.  In November, we launched a more traditional volunteer program, “Partners in Progress,” with a special workshop.

Thanks to everyone who supported our mission in 2009. Without you, HudsonAlpha’s cutting-edge research, economic growth and educational outreach would not be possible. Your gifts are very much appreciated.  We are also grateful for the year-end gifts you provided to ensure HudsonAlpha begins the new year on solid financial footing.