Workforce Development

Biotechnology and genomics are rapidly growing fields with the need for a skilled and talented workforce to support this growth. Workforce Development is our effort to develop programs and materials designed to create awareness about careers in genetics, genomics and biotechnology, as well as build the skills and knowledge required to pursue the education needed to enter the workforce in the field of biotechnology or to work successfully in these careers.

Biotech Academy

BioTrain Internships

HudsonAlpha’s premier internship program provides a variety of opportunities and experiences ranging from marketing and business strategy to in-depth laboratory research.  Internships are available across several educational levels and areas of concentration.  Each opportunity is crafted with specific skill sets in mind.  BioTrain delivers meaningful experiences that not only include career appropriate laboratory skills, but also multiple professional networking opportunities.  For more information, click here.

Career Profiles

The fields of biotechnology and genomic science include a diverse range of career opportunities. Click here to read about real people that work in these areas and some of the interesting aspects of their jobs.

Launching Aspiring Biotechnology Students (L.A.B.S.)

HudsonAlpha offers the after school program Launching Aspiring Biotechnology Scientists, or L.A.B.S in partnership with the North Alabama Center for Educational Excellence.  The goal of L.A.B.S is to give students in grades 9 – 12 experience with the lab and critical-thinking skills that are required to work independently in a laboratory setting. Through their participation in this program, these students will gain valuable familiarity with the skills needed to answer scientific research questions, preparing them to take advantage of future lab opportunities. Learn more about this unique program here.

UAHuntsville-HudsonAlpha Outreach Partnership (UHOP)

The HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology and The University of Alabama in Huntsville have joined to form the UAH-HudsonAlpha Outreach Partnership, or UHOP, to support undergraduate biology students at the university through a grant from The National Science Foundation.  Learn more about this effort here.