Volunteers help advance HudsonAlpha's mission with their time, service

HudsonAlpha’s volunteer program kicked off with a workshop last December. Since then, more than 70 area residents have signed up to become members of this vital program.


"Volunteers play a key role in helping HudsonAlpha further its mission," said Cheryl Schultz, program coordinator. "I am amazed at the passion our volunteers have for HudsonAlpha. It is a wonderfully diverse area."


Volunteers come from all facets of our community and varying ages are represented. The group is comprised of high school and graduate students, as well as retirees, teachers, engineers, bankers and others.


The common thread is a desire to be part of something big and revolutionary.

"HudsonAlpha has the best people working for it and I like that they study a wide range of diseases," said volunteer Jim Kennedy. "I have dear friends who have been affected by cancer and other diseases and HudsonAlpha’s work brings hope to them and me. The genomic research being done here excites me and makes me want to be a part of it. I will do whatever I can to support HudsonAlpha."


JoAnn Bauer is an interior decorator who previously worked in the biotech industry. "I support HudsonAlpha not only because their research is vital to improving healthcare, but their education programs provide so much to our local education systems and help encourage biotech interest in our youth," Bauer said.  


Volunteers provide important services, while at the same time giving institute staff and leadership something invaluable.


"Their stories give us renewed passion and meaning to our work," said Schultz. "We hope they get as much out of volunteering as they give back to the community through HudsonAlpha."


Our first formal volunteer event was the Gubernatorial Forum on Education held in February at the Jackson Center. Volunteers served as greeters and ushers that evening. Since then, volunteers have assisted with Biotech 201 registration, the Spring Benefit for Neurological Disease Research, DNA Day and more.


Current volunteer opportunities include tour assistance, event support and donor appreciation. We hope to expand our volunteer opportunities as the institute grows. If you are interested in getting involved, call Cheryl Schultz at (256) 327-0443.


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