Talented Workforce

Talented WorkforceFor more than 50 years, Huntsville has applied expertise to aviation and missiles at the U.S. Army’s Redstone Arsenal. Scientists and Engineers in Huntsville have launched rockets into low Earth orbit, landed men on the moon, and sent information-seeking probes into deep space. This culture of science and innovation has supported a community comprised of highly-skilled, intelligent individuals who are eager to apply their knowledge toward tangible benefits, not just in aerospace and defense, but biotech as well. The same drive and ingenuity that accomplished great feats for NASA and the Army is now being applied toward using biotechnology to change the way we approach health and disease.

The Huntsville metro area has the highest per capita concentration of engineers and technology workers in the country, and more than half of Huntsville area residents have degrees in engineering and science-related fields. The colleges and universities in Huntsville and the surrounding areas offer two-year, four-year and advanced degrees in the biosciences and related fields. As a “right to work” state, Alabama’s workforce recruitment efforts promote economic growth by offering customized training and support services for new and expanding businesses. Furthermore, Alabama’s nationally recognized workforce recruitment and training program is one of the Top Five workforce training agencies in the United States.

HudsonAlpha is committed to fostering genomics literacy in the life sciences workforce

Educational Outreach TrainsLed by Dr. Neil Lamb, HudsonAlpha’s Educational Outreach team takes a leading role in inspiring and preparing society to apply genomic information to healthcare and agriculture. The Educational Outreach team’s programs are designed to help grow the number of biosciences-literate people entering the workforce, many of whom will take their place among future life science companies. Aspiring scientists receive training through hands-on classroom modules, digital learning materials, and in-depth school and summer camp experiences for students.

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