HudsonAlpha has initiated a strategic planning process for the institute and campus. Ultimately, the result of this thoughtful process will be a plan to guide development of proficiencies, shape public outreach, and direct economic development activities and physical growth. The plan is intended to be a dynamic document that gives leadership the direction and tools needed to navigate a course while providing adequate flexibility to capitalize on favorable currents. 


The first stage in the process is to survey and collect input from individuals throughout the institute representing the science, business, outreach, development and operations groups. With this in mind, please review the following questions and use them as a framework to provide suggestions for both the important goals of the institute’s future and how best to manifest those goals. Effort has been made to pose questions in a manner that avoids influencing responses. Individuals from among the constituency may also be asked to participate in interviews and/or focus groups.


After responses are received, the planning group will coordinate the responses and follow up with interviews as needed to further clarify and solidify the feedback.
Next the planning group will develop a draft plan before presentation to the board of directors.


Please use this survey as an open ended opportunity to influence development of the plan. If you have input not directly elicited by these questions I encourage you to offer your thoughts at the end of the questionnaire. 


Thanks for your help and we look forward to hearing from you.


Current Mission – Our mission is to use biotechnology to improve human health, stimulate economic development and inspire Alabama’s youth to seek careers in science.


Current Vision – Our vision is of a world-class center that will translate the results of the Human Genome Project into individualized therapies for diseases while providing a bridge between bioscience and entrepreneurship, thereby expanding biotechnology in the Southeast.