Shawn Levy presents at ‘Geek2Geek’

Shawn Levy, Ph.D., a HudsonAlpha faculty investigator and director of the HudsonAlpha Genomic Services Lab, presented the latest developments in genome sequencing technology at the Cummings Research Park spring after hours event, Geek2Geek.

Levy’s presentation, “Seeing the World Through the Genome,” informed guests about modern advances in genomics and how genomics can improve human health and the quality of life.

“Genomics can be used to do a lot of different things such as detect cancer with a blood test and pinpoint causes for neuropsychological and developmental disorders,” said Levy. “By leveraging these genomic technologies, we’re using genomics as not only a diagnostic tool, but also to start looking at areas of the world and environment that you don’t see.”

Geek2Geek, held at the CRP Biotech Campus’ Jackson Center, brings together various companies and researchers located in research park for an evening of networking, learning and collaboration. In addition to Levy, this quarter’s event featured Kyle Collins, Senior Vice President for Colliers International, and Mark and Eric Becnel, President and Vice President of RadioBro® Corporation.

Last year, Jenny Ulyanova, senior research scientist at HudsonAlpha associate company CFD Research Corporation, presented at another ‘Geek2Geek’ event about the company’s  Bio-Battery, a novel power source that uses enzymes to convert sugar into energy similar to the way biological systems use enzymes to convert food into energy.

HudsonAlpha is the world’s only nonprofit research institute where moving science from bench to business occurs on the same campus. Because of this, HudsonAlpha faculty investigators such as Levy and associate companies like CFD Research Corporation are at the crossroads of scientific innovation and business entrepreneurism, accelerating research discoveries through commercial development and into real-world applications.