Shawn Levy discusses genomics and the future of healthcare

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In an interview with WAAY TV, HudsonAlpha Investigator Shawn Levy, Ph.D., said genetics research will more than likely be able to pinpoint risk for disease in the future.

“I think it’s very very reasonable to think of genomic technologies being as impactful in the future as things that were invented 20 years ago, how they were impactful now, cell phones, social media, internet, so it’ll become a ubiquitous part of healthcare,” said Levy.

“Genome sequencing today is taking an individual’s DNA, reading out all of the 3 billion bases that you inherited from your mom, and the other 3 billion bases you inherited from your dad and then compare it back to that reference manual. And then you can, on a personalized basis, tell somebody where they differ in one spot or another, and that’s where the information comes with respect to disease.”

Levy was interviewed about genomics and the future of healthcare as part of the WAAY 31’s “Hometown 2031” series.

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