Serina Therapeutics Announces President and CEO will Deliver Invited Lecture on POZ Therapeutics at Annual American Chemical Society Meeting in Philadelphia

Huntsville, Ala. —HudsonAlpha associate company Serina Therapeutics, Inc., a pharmaceutical research and development company that has developed a proprietary, patented polymer technology platform for drug development (POZTM) based upon polyoxazoline; announced today that the Dr. Randall Moreadith, President and CEO, will deliver an invited lecture on August 22nd at the annual American Chemical Society Meeting in Philadelphia celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first synthesis of polyoxazoline polymers.

“I am delighted to be invited to speak on this occasion celebrating the 50th anniversary of the synthesis of the first polymer of polyoxazoline. That groundbreaking achievement set the stage for development of POZ, Serina’s robust and versatile proprietary drug delivery platform based on the combination of polyoxazoline and the company’s patented linker technology.” said Dr. Moreadith. “Serina Therapeutics has long been a pioneer in the field of polymer therapeutics and established itself as a leader with the initiation of the clinical development of SER-214, the first POZ-based therapeutic, earlier this year.”

SER-214, a once-per-week subcutaneous administration of rotigotine delivered in a standard insulin syringe, is currently being studied in a Phase I program in patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. “SER-214 is designed to deliver therapeutic levels of rotigotine over the entire dosing period thereby providing continuous dopaminergic tone and preventing the phasic peak and trough of many oral dopamine-like drugs that lead to the disabling dyskinesias eventually experienced by all patients.” said Dr. Moreadith. “We believe that SER-214 will not only become an important therapeutic in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease allowing patients to enjoy a better quality of life for a longer period, but will also demonstrate the power of the POZ platform in addressing unmet medical need through customized drug delivery.”

In addition to advancing its pipeline programs in pain, oncology, refractory seizures and inflammatory diseases, Serina is currently collaborating with leading pharmaceutical companies to further unlock the promise of the POZ platform and actively seeking new partnerships.

About Serina: Serina Therapeutics is a privately held pharmaceutical company located at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology in Huntsville, AL that has developed novel polymer therapeutics based on its proprietary polyoxazoline (POZTM) technology platforms. The founders and managers of Serina were formerly the key principals of Shearwater Polymers, a company that enabled thirteen approved polyethylene glycol (PEG) products

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