Seeing beyond disability

Spring Benefit for Childhood Genetic Disorders and photographic exhibition

The HudsonAlpha Spring 2013 benefit raises both money to ad­vance research into childhood genetic disor­ders and awareness of the profound physical, emotional and financial impacts to children and families.

In support of this effort, HudsonAlpha part­nered with Positive Exposure, a non-profit program founded by award-winning fashion photographer Rick Guidotti.

Neil Lamb, Ph.D., director of educational outreach at HudsonAlpha and Rick Guidotti have known each other for several years, starting with mutual service on the education committee of the American Society of Human Genetics. When HudsonAlpha scientists be­gan looking at projects addressing childhood genetic conditions, Lamb thought almost im­mediately of how Guidotti’s artistry could help bring attention to important research while also portraying these children in a new light.

“Rick is tremendously talented and his work is nothing less than life-affirming,” said Lamb. “I was elated when he agreed to par­ticipate with us.”

With one out of fifty children in the United States being born with a disability, the need for society to understand and respect children and adults living with differences is critical. Individuals with disabilities and genetic con­ditions are sometimes stigmatized, creating added emotional strain for families as they support and care for a child whose path in life is unique.

An exhibit of 20 photographs will be on display at the institute’s spring benefit on April 25.  The Huntsville Museum of Art will debut this collection, starting today.  The exhibit will be available for viewing at the museum through April 14.  Please see this inspirational video for a preview.

The museum is open from 11 a.m until 4 p.m. weekdays and Saturday from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m.

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Spring Benefit for Childhood Genetic Disorders
Thursday April 25, 2013
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