Sara Cooper explains how HudsonAlpha is standing up to cancer

On September 9, the annual Stand Up to Cancer telecast aired which aims to raise funds and awareness to accelerate cancer research.

Liz Hurley from WAFF sat down with Sara Cooper, PhD to discuss how HudsonAlpha is standing up to cancer and the story aired not only during the local newscast, but also during the Stand Up to Cancer telecast.

Cooper’s lab, in collaboration with the Myers lab, identified a new biomarker that distinguishes between two very different types of pancreatic cancer.

“We can make a prediction and say do they look like those patients we’ve seen in the past who don’t survive very long or do they look like the patients who’ve survived for a long time,” said HudsonAlpha researcher Dr. Sara Cooper.

The biomarker is only used in the lab right now, but HudsonAlpha wants to see it applied and proven in a clinical setting. Researchers say this will give patients and their doctors more information that could lead to more targeted treatment plans.

Watch the story here.