Nobel laureate Sydney Bremmer once described scientific progress as “the interplay of techniques, discoveries and new ideas, probably in that order of decreasing importance.” In 1980, the South African biologist noted “the continuous invention of a whole range of powerful physical, chemical and genetic techniques for the analysis of the structure and function of cells means that the answers to many questions can be got by going out into the real world and extracting them.”

HudsonAlpha researchers have harnessed not only the science of genomics, but also how our discoveries can catalyze progress in many different fields. Beyond the depths of disease and discipline-based research, our investigators explore critical problems in agriculture and bioenergy that expand our knowledge of life on this planet. We investigate the diversity of life through trees, plants, fungi, even animal pelt patterns—as well as human health.

The lynchpin for all these divergent areas of study is technology. HudsonAlpha scientists daily explore the genetic architecture of disease, looking for pathways in which technological innovations can drive the fields forward. We recognize the ability to acquire DNA sequences has grown at an unprecedented rate, and we believe this massive amount of data can be applied with scale and scope not previously appreciated. By testing the limits of sequencing technology, HudsonAlpha’s scientists have developed unparalleled expertise in the acquisition, analysis and application of genomic information.

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