Research seminar features American Heart Association scientist

Jennifer Hall, PhD, an associate professor of medicine and chief of the Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine at the American Heart Association, present a HudsonAlpha seminar on May 2 titled “Precision Medicine: Now and Beyond.”

At the Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine, Dr. Hall is responsible for directing a new research program and strategizing solutions that enable the research community to test questions of the highest impact using the most effective and novel approaches. She graduated from the University of California Berkeley in 1995 with a PhD in physiology and completed postdoctoral fellowships at Stanford and Harvard schools of medicine. Dr. Hall’s prior laboratory interest focused on identifying genetic variants associated with cardiovascular disease and diabetes and defining their biological function. The Hall lab integrated strategies from multiple disciplines to determine how genetic variants alter the course of disease. These strategies incorporated population genetics, biochemistry, cell biology and transgenic and knockout animals. Dr. Hall was the senior author of one of the first papers to identify a potential role for the disease-risk allele in TCF7L2 for T2D along with co-author Dr. Francis Collins. During her time at the Broad Institute, Dr. Hall also became involved in work identifying the function of a recently identified risk allele in SORT1 that increases risk for high cholesterol and myocardial infarction (Nature, 2010). A past chair of the Functional Genomics and Translational Biology Council of the American Heart Association, she has also served on other national and international committees including the National Heart Lung and Blood Parent Committee, the DNA Framingham Committee and the Genome Canada Review Board (past chair for cardiovascular group). Dr. Hall was an associate editor of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology from 2009-2016 and was the founding editor in chief of the Journal of Cardiovascular Translational Research.

Jozef Lazar, MD, PhD, hosted the Wednesday seminar. More information on HudsonAlpha Research Seminars, including an upcoming schedule, can be found at