Planned giving supports HudsonAlpha and benefits donors

The value of planned giving took center stage this month. Sharon Doviet and Chris Russell hosted a reception at their home, inviting friends, clients and colleagues to learn more about the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. During the event, the couple also announced their decision to include HudsonAlpha in their will, committing at least $250,000 to the HudsonAlpha Foundation.

“Sharon and I are excited to invest in nonprofits where the impact of our giving will compound and grow over time,” said Russell, a financial advisor at Cadence Bank and a member of HudsonAlpha’s Professional Advisor Council. “HudsonAlpha is becoming a world-class player in biotechnology. This is work that will improve lives for our families and friends now, and for our children and the broader community for many years ahead.”

During a brief presentation, guests heard from Rick Myers, PhD, president and science director; Howard Jacob, PhD, executive vice president for genomic medicine; and Jim Hudson, HudsonAlpha co-founder. Teresa Smith, the mother of a child diagnosed through HudsonAlpha’s Childhood Genetic Disorders Research program, also spoke and showcased the real impact our work is having on area families.

The couple sent their guests home with a nice bottle of wine and encouraged them to discuss the possibilities of doing the same. After all, thoughtful planning can benefit both HudsonAlpha and donors’ families, providing an excellent opportunity to leave a lasting legacy while reducing the estate tax burdens on heirs.

“We support HudsonAlpha now with our current giving, but we also want to be strategic with our estate plans,” said Doviet, an attorney and host of WAAY-TV’s call-in show, Law Line. “It’s clear that we are at the beginning of something extraordinary. HudsonAlpha needs our support now, but there will also be new opportunities in the years ahead and they’ll need funding resources then too.”

Besides bequests, you may support HudsonAlpha through a variety of other planned giving methods, including donating real estate, transferring stock, designating HudsonAlpha in a life insurance policy or distributing retirement funds to HudsonAlpha. You can also choose to receive an annual income or provide an income to a designated beneficiary through a charitable remainder trust. Detailed information about each type of planned giving is available on our Donation Types page.

“Planned giving is a great way to extend your commitment to HudsonAlpha beyond your lifetime and leave a meaningful legacy,” said Karen Petersen, Director of Annual and Planned Giving at HudsonAlpha.

Besides enjoying substantial tax benefits through their planned gifts, donors who use planned giving to support HudsonAlpha become members of the Double Helix Society. Society members have their names added to our Double Helix wall, receive special correspondence from HudsonAlpha President and Science Director Richard M. Myers and receive an invitation to the annual Double Helix Society gratitude dinner.

Before you move forward with planned giving gifts, be sure to consult your legal and tax advisors to learn more about the planned giving option that will work best for you and your family.

HudsonAlpha Planned Giving

From left to right: Howard Jacob, Lisa Jacob, Jim Hudson, Lynn Hudson,
Sharon Doviet, Chris Russell and Tommy Battle

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