Microarrays Inc. launches new MI PathArray assays for studying targeted biological pathways

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Microarrays Inc. (MI) launches its new MI PathArray assays for studying targeted biological pathways. These pathway-centric arrays provide the highest microarray sensitivity in the form of more sharply focused research-specialty arrays, in a multi-assay format. The MI PathArray assays bring a fresh research tool to laboratories involved in the exploration of biological pathways.


MI PathArray assays are ready for immediate shipment for three popular areas of research: Apoptosis, Growth Factors, and Inflammation. MI will quickly expand the MI PathArray products by launching multiple new arrays each quarter. Once complete the MI PathArray product line will include arrays, kits, and hardware for sample preparation, processing, and array hybridization.


Joining the trend toward interactive research development among research tool developers and scientists, MI has initiated a social media campaign using Facebook. Researchers are invited to list their suggestions for upcoming MI PathArray assay development, the evolution of current MI PathArray content and also to participate as a beta testing laboratory.


During the announcement of the release of the new MI PathArray product, company President Joel Peek commented, “MI PathArray assays enable researchers to rapidly spotlight the pertinent targets of their chosen system. With focused and simplified analysis, in conjunction with a multi-assay format, these arrays will help to speed discovery while reducing costs and sample usage. MI has designed these products to strike the right balance between overall target content, cost per assay, and ease of use when compared to traditional whole genome arrays or some of the qPCR formats which can be lacking in content. Moreover, the content of these arrays will be continually updated with the latest research discoveries to remain cutting-edge tools to enable further discoveries.“


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