Sara Cooper

Sara Cooper

Sara Cooper Lab

Education Level: Undergraduate, Graduate

Hours per Week: 30

Number of Positions Anticipated: 1


The Sara Cooper Lab at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology is interested in the intersection of metabolomics and genomics. We use mass spectrometry to measure small molecule metabolites such as sugars and amino acids in biological samples as well as high-throughput sequencing data to improve our understanding of biological systems.

One significant area of research in the lab is characterizing the role for metabolism in pancreatic cancer. The intern chosen for our lab will have the opportunity to contribute to the analysis of metabolomic and genomic data. Our lab offers opportunities for statistical analysis, bioinformatics and in vitro experiments to follow-up computational predictions. All members of the lab are expected to work together under the supervision of Dr. Sara Cooper.


  • Completed coursework in organic chemistry, general biology, including a biology lab, and Calculus I
  • Experience or coursework in statistics and/or computer science is also useful
  • Ideal candidate will be independent, curious and have good communication skills

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