Meet BioTrain intern Alex Moss

Learning about the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology through his professional mentor, the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) student Alex Moss became curious about how his computer engineering background could help further genomics research.

Alex Moss

After receiving a tour, Moss was invited to attend a luncheon where he was introduced to Dr. Liz Worthey, a HudsonAlpha faculty investigator and director of software development and informatics. This introduction would lead Moss to his internship with the Worthey Lab and his acceptance into HudsonAlpha’s collegiate summer internship program, BioTrain.  

“It was in her lab, the people there recommended that I sign up for BioTrain,” Moss said. “So far my experience has been awesome. I’ve really enjoyed meeting everyone, and to know that there are other really smart people here trying to do all sorts of different things.”

Each year, BioTrain interns must complete a one-week orientation program titled Biotech Bootcamp. Students get to know the other interns through the completion of different experiments in the educational lab. Moss’s week at bootcamp exposed him to a different side of the Institute than what he was familiar.

“Bootcamp let me peer in behind the curtain and see what really goes on in the wet labs,” Moss said.

After his completion of Biotech Bootcamp, Moss will continue to work within the Worthey Lab. Currently, he is contributing to a project focused on the creation of a computer program that will read and analyze genome sequences.

“I think my internship with BioTrain will help show my worth to the lab here and possibly help me gain a job here,” said Moss. “Or at least a really awesome recommendation from anyone in the lab.”

Moss will present his research at the annual BioTrain poster session July 27.