Kailos Genetics offers early access to TargetRich for researchers

Kailos Genetics announced today that it will provide the research market early access to TargetRich, its proprietary targeted enrichment method based on Nested Patch PCR to enrich genomic regions of interest for next generation sequencing.

The first cancer reserach kit, TargetRich CRX, targets 10 genes (BRAF, EGFR, FLT3, JAK2, KIT, KRAS, PIK3CA, PTEN, TP53 and VEGFA) comprised of 161 exons and 153 amplicons. 

“The TargetRich CRX kit provides researchers complete coverage of the coding regions in ten commonly studied and mutated genes associated with cancer," said Brian Pollock, Kailos Genetics’ CEO. “And as a PCR-based method, TargetRich offers high specificity, while providing researchers the sensitivity, coverage uniformity and high alignment needed for efficient next generation sequencing.”

Kailos Genetics’ Chief Strategy Officer, Mike Walters, added, “Orders under the Early Access Program will be accepted beginning today, with a planned ship date later this quarter. Since orders will be fulfilled on a ‘first in, first out’ basis, and cost under Early Access is limited to shipping and handling, we are encouraging the those interested to place orders early”.

For more information, visit Kailos Genetics.