Kailos Genetics announces “Early Adopter” release of TargetRich™ CRX Kit at AACR

TargetRich sets new expectations in targeted enrichment with fast, scalable, single tube work flow in next generation sequencing

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Kailos Genetics announced that it introduced the “Early Adopter” version of the TargetRich CRX Kit during AACR. This version of the TargetRich CRX kit provides researchers targeted enrichment of the coding region of the ten genes most commonly studied in cancer research, but does not include the proprietary Kailos Blue™ bioinformatics tool that is a part of the final launch product.

Brian Pollock, Kailos Genetics CEO, commented, “The positive response to our poster at AACR confirmed that the needs of researchers are not being fully met by existing enrichment options.” Pollock added, “Having defined the TargetRich product as both targeted enrichment and bioinformatics, we had to make a strategic decision. Did we make available something that the market wants today, or wait for the bioinformatics aspect to be market ready. We opted to serve researchers today. It was the right thing to do.”

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“The company plans on the beta release of Kailos Blue™ in June,” added Randy Bachmeyer, chief technology officer. “Internal validation is complete and we are now focused on usability studies that will help us optimize user experience.”

To contact Kailos Genetics directly, please call Mike Walters, chief strategy officer, at (256) 327-9803.

TargetRich CRX Kits are for life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.