iRepertoire uses immune repertoire sequencing technology to access the body’s immunological memory, or “logbook” of all past infection and disease. Sequencing the immune repertoire can yield insights into the nature of the body’s immune response to disease and infection. The future market for iRepertoire will be in clinical and research applications that require immune assessment such as drug treatment monitoring, immune monitoring after stem cell transplantation, vaccine studies, and biomarker development.

iRepertoire sells reagent kits and services for immune repertoire amplification of B cell and T cell receptor sequences, which are compatible with downstream Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). iRepertoire has also automated immune repertoire amplification and extraction on their sister company’s iC-processor (iCubate, Inc.).

Jian Han, MD, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

All resident associate companies on the HudsonAlpha campus are independently owned and operated.