Introducing HudsonAlpha U

HudsonAlpha’s Educational Outreach debuted the new look for its public education programs and resources. “HudsonAlpha U” helps the public understand genomics through in-person events and online resources.

To kick the program off, the Institute’s Educational Outreach mission area is hosting HudsonAlpha U nights all year long, led by Kelly East, MS, CGC, HudsonAlpha’s Vice President for Educational Outreach. The series of evening events are designed to engage the public about genomics discoveries and how they are being applied to improve life.

The first HudsonAlpha U Night took place on February 28th. East spoke about recent genomics and biotech discoveries to a packed crowd at the Jackson Center. More than 150 people attended and learned about genomics and biotechnology discoveries rom the last year. The stories shared were from the Annual Educational Guidebook produced by the Educational Outreach team. 

There are three more HudsonAlpha U Nights planned this year. Topics include pharmacogenomics, ancestry genomics, and an exclusive appreciation event for members of the HudsonAlpha Alumni Association. The Association is made up of individuals who support HudsonAlpha Educational Outreach through participation and financial support. Members receive early access to public education events and an invitation to the member appreciation event. For information on how to become a member, please visit their website:

Learn more about HudsonAlpha U Nights now: