Intellectual Property

Long-term strategic collaboration

Multiple research groups combine resources over a number of years and benefit from being in on the ground level for new intellectual property or product development.

Sponsored research

Sponsor a post-doc or Ph.D. student’s research project and share in the IP rights.

Short-term projects and contract research

Expand your pilot project or get help with troubleshooting.


Work at HudsonAlpha for an extended period to collaborate with our experts and learn more about genomics.

Proof of concept (POC) projects

Risk management for long term investment in an R&D program. Quickly turn around small-scale POC projects to aid in go/no-go decisions with little investment.


Our researchers can advise you on troubleshooting, experimental design, data analysis or other projects.

Licensing opportunities

Review our IP and our easy to license policies here.

Relocate to HudsonAlpha – set up a satellite office or research lab

Take advantage our uniquely structured campus with industry partners and academic research under one roof.   Access resources including our specialists, other associate companies and a well trained workforce. Learn more about our economic development team can help you determine if relocation is right for you.