HudsonAlpha year-end giving ideas for 2012

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As you celebrate the holidays and look forward to the New Year, please consider the impact you can make as a HudsonAlpha donor. Generous friends helped drive HudsonAlpha's mission in 2012, leading the institute toward significant advancements in research, educational outreach and economic development.

In addition to advancing the institute's efforts to improve human health and quality of life, your gift may also provide year-end tax benefits to you, some of which may disappear on December 31, 2012.

Many individuals ask us to remind them of ways to make  year-end gifts to HudsonAlpha. Here are a few options:

ONLINE The easiest way to support HudsonAlpha is through a secure online donation. Just click here to begin.

MAIL You may also mail your check to: HudsonAlpha Institute, External Affairs, 601 Genome Way, Huntsville, AL 35806.

PHONE Simply call us at 256.327.5218 and we will be happy to process a credit card donation.

STOCK A gift of appreciated stock to HudsonAlpha before December 31 helps you avoid capital gains tax on the appreciated value. Plus, the amount of your charitable income tax-deduction is equal to the full-market value of stock upon transfer. Simply ask your broker or financial advisor to call Carter Wells at 256.327.5241 for wiring instructions or additional information. 

INSURANCE POLICY The needs of life insurance often change over time. If you no longer need a particular policy, you may gift a fully paid policy or a policy with current premiums by irrevocably designating HudsonAlpha as owner and beneficiary. You may be entitled to a generous charitable income tax deduction.  Simply call or write your insurance company and request the appropriate form. The policy may be changed to reflect the owner and beneficiary as HudsonAlpha Institute, 601 Genome Way, Huntsville, AL 35806, EIN # 43-2059317.

IN MEMORY or HONOR Perhaps you would like to honor or pay tribute to a loved one, friend or respected colleague. A gift in memory or honor may be made, with thoughtful acknowledgements provided. Click here to make a memorial or honorary gift online.

Please note, all gifts of $1000 and above are recognized through the Genome Circle, HudsonAlpha's major giving program. No matter how you give, or how much, thank you for making a difference and for driving HudsonAlpha's mission. We appreciate your support!