HudsonAlpha providing GTAC teacher academy this week

IMG_0894Teachers from across the state of Alabama are in the midst of a one-week teacher academy this week at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. The GTAC: Essential Biology course focuses on the genetics content encountered in a General Biology course, directing specific attention to preparing teachers to implement the 2015 Alabama Course of Study: Science, Biology Standards.

This year’s GTAC includes 20 life science educators from 19 Alabama high schools who collectively teach 2,910 students per year.

Follow-up for the one-week academy includes a two-day workshop during the school year and sustained interaction and support for classroom implementation, including a tub of kits, materials and classroom resources.

The GTAC program includes a second course, GTAC: Advanced Concepts, that will be offered beginning summer 2017. Advanced Concepts will focus on life science content from the unique perspective of HudsonAlpha, including content that might be encountered in an AP, IB or Honors Biology setting.

GTAC is made possible through support from the State of Alabama.