HudsonAlpha slates April 26 for DNA Day celebration

Public outreach program highlights the business side of biotech

Widely famous for showers that bring May flowers, April has another claim to fame at HudsonAlpha and many other biology-centric organizations. April is the month to salute deoxyribonucleic acid– DNA.

“Each year, the celebration at HudsonAlpha changes,” said Neil Lamb, director of education outreach at HudsonAlpha. “This year, we are focusing on the companies located with us here on the biotech campus.”

The public is invited to visit the institute on April 26 from 3-6 p.m. and sit in on a series of short, spirited presentations by company representatives. “We’ll have ten companies on the agenda,” said Lamb, “covering therapeutics, products and services.” The presentations aim to increase public awareness of economic growth on the campus while also emphasizing the importance of science education and its role in establishing a viable workforce pipeline in Alabama.

Across the nation, biotechies and life sciences newbies celebrate both the April 1953 published paper by Watson and Crick detailing the double helix shape of DNA and the completion of the Human Genome Project 50 years later, in April 2003.

The DNA Day agenda is included in the file below.