HudsonAlpha Seminars host imaging flow cytometry scientist

HudsonAlpha hosted Scott Mordecai for a seminar yesterday in the auditorium. Mordecai’s presentation focused on imaging flow cytometry and on the capabilities of the Amnis ImageStream Imaging Flow Cytometer platform. Mordecai is a core laboratory scientist at the Richard B. Simches Research Center in Boston affiliated with Mass General Hospital (MGH) and Harvard University. Formerly a Field Applications Scientist with Amnis Corporation, Arcturus, and Affymetrix, he now specializes in assay development for MGH and several Boston area biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Donna Brown, a clinical analyst in Software Development and Informatics, hosted the seminar.

The next seminar will be held Wednesday, May 18, at noon and will feature Wei Yan, MD, PhD, a professor at the University of Nevada School of Medicine, Center for Molecular Medicine.