HudsonAlpha seminar explores pioneer transcription factors

Michael Buck, PhD, presented on pioneer transcription factors to wrap up the October sessions of HudsonAlpha’s fall research seminars. Buck is an Associate Professor of State University of New York at Buffalo.

Geneticists have taken a keen interest in the bonding relationships active in the genome. Fundamental questions remain—for example, how does a DNA binding protein select its binding site? This question is complicated by the fact that 85% to 95% of the genome is wrapped up in chromatin, making it inaccessible. Buck and his lab have focused in on pioneer transcription factors, since those factors can bind to otherwise closed chromatin.

In fact, pioneer transcription factors even open the door for other transcription factors to bind. As our base of knowledge on epigenetics grows, learning more about transcription factors should reveal many secrets of the genome.

This seminar was hosted by Greg Cooper, PhD.

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