HudsonAlpha Partners – inception through 2009

We are grateful to those who have generously supported HudsonAlpha from its inception through 2009.  Your external affairs team is working to update the donor list to reflect the generosity of those who have also given in 2010. Please click here to learn how you can become a partner.

Partner Levels

Honorary Gifts
Memorial Gifts

Chairman’s Council   $500,000 and above

Alpha Foundation
Anonymous (three)
Sue and Roy Nichols
Linda Smith

Visionary   $100,000 – $499,999
Pritzker Foundation
Susie and Jim Hudson
Jane K. Lowe Charitable Foundation
Helen and Lonnie McMillian

Innovator   $25,000 – $99,999
GATR Technologies
Jean Wessel Templeton
The Boeing Company Charitable Trust
The Ellison Medical Foundation
Cynthia and Jim Hughes

Sustainer   $10,000 – $24,999
Clearview Cancer Institute
BBVA Compass
The Daniel Foundation of Alabama

Advocate   $5,000 – $9,999
Bradley Arant Boult & Cummings LLP
Burger King/Wesfam Restaurants, Inc.
Kathy and Tony Chan, Pei-Ling Chan Charitable Trust
Marie and Mike Cole
COLSA Corporation
First Commercial Bank
Jennie and Jimmy Hudson  
Intergraph Corporation
Lanier Ford Law Firm
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Radiance Technologies
Redstone Federal Credit Union
ServisFirst Bank
Loretta Spencer
The Ben May Charitable Trust
Richard Saperstein and David D’Amico of Treasury Partners

Benefactor   $1,000 – $4,999
AEgis Technologies Group
Eloise and Cobb Alexander
Analytical Services, Inc.
Anglin Reichmann Snellgrove & Armstrong P.C.
AT&T Alabama
Blue Creek Investment Partners
CFD Research Corporation
Celeste and Tres Childs
Conversant Bio
Cooper Carry
DIATHERIX Laboratories, Inc.
Digital Radiance, Inc.
Dynetics, Inc.
EGEN, Inc.
Eurand Pharmaceuticals/Source CF
Fuqua & Partners Architects
Cindy and Ron Gray
Dorcas Harris and Dick Reeves
Huntsville Hospital
Cindy and Richard Jackson
Jim Kennedy
Main Street Strategies
Stephen Mann
McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff, LLP
Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.
Gina and Don Miller
Nektar Employee Foundation
Nektar Therapeutics
Linda and Jay Newkirk
Northrop Grumman
Partnership for Biotechnology Research
Kelli and Brian Pollock
Public FA, Inc.
Qualis Corporation
Lana and Joe Ritch
Russel Hill Cancer Foundation
Pat and Gene Sapp
Serina Therapeutics
Leslie and Patrick Shields
The Maynard Cooper and Gale Charitable Foundation
Van Valkenburgh & Wilkinson REALTORS®
Daniel Wilson
Jill and Danny Windham

Patron   $500 – $999
Nancy and Daniel Archuleta
Carolyn Russo and Greg Barsh
Lynne Berry
John Boswell
David D’Amico
Robert Feldman
Barbra and Paul Hubler
Sydna and Bill Johnson
Ruth and John Jurenko
Lisa and Vistap Karbhari
Cornelia and Robert Lancaster
Alice and Frederick Lanier
Betsy and Peter Lowe
Melissa Roth
James Sisson
George Smith II
Sally and Guy Spencer
Sandra Steele
Sue and Andy Whitehead

Friend   $499 and under
Laura Adams
Paul Agarwal
Linda and Robert Akenhead
Pam and Joe Alexander
Brenda and Charles Anding
Joan Arnold
Brenda and Jimmy Baeder
Susan and Gordon Bakken
Leon Bell
Anne and Ronnie Boles
Judith and Donald Bollenbacher
Candy and John Burnett
Janie and David Byers
Virginia and Michael Caruso
Valerie and Paul Christian
William Clark
Elizabeth and Francis Cline
Jim Cooper
Jennifer and John Cote
Butch and Jerry Damson
Karen Dang
Donna and Robert DeNeefe
Anthony Dicerbo
Elizabeth Dotts Fleming
Carolyn Drake
Mona and Merph Ellis
William English
Betsy and Noel Estopinal
Sarah and Carl Gessler
Katherine and Richard Goodin
Kimberly and Anthony Goodloe
Susan Goodman
Philomena Grodzka
George Grumbles
Revelle Gwynn and Meyer Dworsky
Glenda Hale
Nellie Hall
Laura Jo and George Hamilton
Ashley Hayes
Margaret and George Heeschen
JoAnn Henderson
Liz and Billy Herrin
Bonnie and Steve Hettinger
Francis Huffman
Huntsville Nature Photography Society
Bennie and James Jacks
Norma Jensen
Frankie and Stephen Jernigan
Elizabeth (Beth) Jones
Margaret Jones
Marilyn Jones
Sandra Jones
Krishna and Babu Kakani
Sarah Lauren and Andy Kattos
Pennie and Tom Keene
Kristi and Joseph Kelly
Catherine Kholanjani
Hope Kinch
Shelbie and Olin King
Hope and Michael Kirkpatrick
Wally Kirkpatrick
Brian Knowles
Inge Kuberg
Alice and Frederick Lanier
Harriet Lawrence
Braden Boone and Shawn Levy
Judy and Jim Link
Caffey and Edward Litkenhous
Julie and Robert Lockwood
Cindy and Robert Ludwig
Kimberly and Gary Lupardus
Madison County Medical Society
Stephanie and George Malone
Julian Mathison
Shirley McCorkle
Eugenia and Bill McCoy
Tiffany McDaniel
Medication Therapy Management Services of Alabama
Poppi and Michael Missios
Ina and Leonard Mitchum
Ken Montgomery
Elizabeth and Michael Morard
Susan and Charles Morley
Everett Mosley
Patricia and K.M. Motts
Rebecca and Robert Ogle
Jeffrey Oliver
Carol and Henry Padinha
Charlotte and James Park
Deedi Parker
Martha and Doug Patz
Harold and Pam Paynter
Pearce Construction Company
Karen and David Petersen
Peggy Sammon and Ralph Petroff
Sally Phillips
Anne Pollard
Shari and Ron Poteat
Robert Pritchard
Joyce and Charles Purple
Janie and James Putnam
Kathy and Jason Rader
Regions Bank
Roscoe Roberts
Patrick Rogers
Pete Schofield
Elizabeth Schonrock
Lucinda and Marshall Schreeder
Melinda Seigler
Rebecca Selvage
Deborah Severn
Myra and Joseph Slifka
Mollie and Billy Smith
Roland E. Smith
Paula and Tim Steigerwald
Dorothy Thrasher
Susy and Bob Thurber
Irma and Jack Tuder
Traci and Gregg Tyree
Sally Upchurch
Andrea VanHooser
Rebecca Violett
Eunice Walker
Juliet and Carter Wells
Stephen Welstead
Dianne Whitaker
Diane and Peter Wick
Wendy Yang
Ruth Yates
Allen and Tom Young

Honorary Gifts
Laura Adams, in honor of Elaine Ferguson
Nancy Archuleta, in honor of Gina Morgan
Lynne Berry, in honor of Peter Barber; Mr. and Mrs. Julian Butler; Mr. and Mrs. Wes Clayton
and Sanders, Hannah Page and Alee Clayton; Mr. and Mrs. Phil Dotts; Mr. and Mrs. Sam Lowry and Matthew Lowry; Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Plaxco; Mr. and Mrs. Brimmer Sherman and Brooke Sherman

Ronnie Boles, in honor of Anne Boles
Braden Boone, in honor of Joanna Errico
William English, in honor of Paul and Cheryl Lees-Haley; Alan Petroff and Patricia Sammon;
Ralph Petroff and Peggy Sammon

First Commercial Bank, in honor of Nancy De Montluzin and Patricia Martin
GATR Technologies, in honor of Lonnie McMillian
Susan Goodman
Dorcas Harris and Dick Reeves, in honor of Jim Hudson
Liz Herrin, in honor of Bobbye Thompson
Sydna and Bill Johnson, in honor of Dr. John Cox and Dr. Jon Moody
Elizabeth Jones, in honor of Sara Fry
Pennie Keene, in honor of Gloria Swift
Michael Kirkpatrick, in honor of Derwin Hankins
Brian Knowles, in honor of Roger Yanko
Caffey Litkenhous, in honor of Anna Merritt
Euguenia McCoy, in honor of Betsy Manning and Mrs. G.C. Murchison
Madison County Medical Society, in honor of Erin Lutz
Deedi Parker, in honor of Gina Moore
Sally Phillips, in honor of R.J. “Buddy” Phillips
Loretta Spencer, in honor of Lydia Cosumano
Dorothy Thrasher, in honor of Amanda Segrest
Nancy Van Valkenburgh, in honor of Barbra Hubler
Wendy Yang, in honor of Sandra Smitherman

Memorial Gifts
Paul Agarwal, in memory of Adele N. Agarwal
Brenda and Charles Anding, in memory of John L. Roth
Joan Arnold, in memory of Robin Arnold
Susan and Gordon Bakken, in memory of John L. Roth
John Boswell, in memory of John L. Roth
Valerie and Paul Christian, in memory of Jonathan Miles Christian
Donna and Robert DeNeefe, in memory of Susie Hudson
Carolyn Drake, in memory of John L. Roth
Mona and Merph Ellis, in memory of Walter Bishop
Philomena Grodzka, in memory of John L. Roth
Ashley Hays, in memory of Brittany Waldrep
Francis Huffman, in memory of Mary Francis Huffman
Huntsville Nature Photography Society, in memory of John L. Roth
Cindy and Richard Jackson, in memory of Susie Hudson
Norma Jensen, in memory of Helen Rodin
Frankie Jernigan, in memory of John L. Roth
Margaret Jones, in memory of Kelsoe Jones
Marilyn Jones, in memory of Harvie P. Jones
Sandra Jones, in memory of Mark C. Smith
Catherine Kholanjani, in memory of Billy C. Caplin
Hope Kinch, in memory of Col. Robert S. Kinch
Shelbie and Olin King, in memory of Susie Hudson
Cornelia Lancaster, in memory of Jean Alexander
Alice and Frederick Lanier, in memory of Susie Hudson
Julian Mathison, in memory of John L. Roth
Eugenia McCoy, in memory of Dr. G.C. Murchison and Joe Steele
Helen and Lonnie McMillian, in memory of Olga Jurenko
Rhonda Moore and Kelli Pollock, in memory of Judy Cummings
Jeffrey Oliver, in memory of John L. Roth
Pam and Harold Paynter, in memory of Scott Seator
Robert Pritchard, in memory of John L. Roth
Joyce and Charles Purple, in memory of John L. Roth
Roscoe Roberts, in memory of Jane Elizabeth Roberts
Patrick Rogers, in memory of John L. Roth
Melissa Roth, in memory of her husband, John L. Roth
Melinda Seigler, in memory of Mary Campbell and Patsy Hart
Linda Smith, in memory of Mark C. Smith
Roland Smith, in memory of John L. Roth
Andrea Van Hooser, in memory of Matthew “John” Brown and José Carrasquillo
Rebeca Violett, in memory of John L. Roth