HudsonAlpha — Nature Conference on Immunogenomics

Scheduled October 1-3 at the Jackson Center, adjacent to HudsonAlpha

The first HudsonAlpha-Nature Conference on Immunogenomics will bring together four areas to shape this emerging field: scientists in genomics and genetics, immunology, bioinformatics and methodology, and clinical research. Invited talks will cover a range of topics:

Large-scale immune sequencing projects of the repertoire
 of T- and   B-cell diversity and clinical implications
Epigenetics and the immune system
Developmental lineage of immune cells
Genetic and environmental contributions to autoimmunity
Drug development for autoimmune conditions
Pharmacogenomics and the immune response
Gene regulation and cell-type identity
High-resolution transcriptome analyses

Applications and biomarker discovery talks, as well as venues for interaction between different specialist areas will be addressed throughout the conference. Education and discussion on use of high-throughput methods in immunogenomics, and planning for extension to clinical use, will advance this burgeoning area. For more information and to register, please click here.