HudsonAlpha Journal — Volume 5, Issue 6

July 2, 2013


BioTrain students dive into biotech internships

Biotrain photoTwenty-seven students are hard at work this summer through BioTrain, HudsonAlpha's signature internship program. More than 250 individuals applied for a coveted position within the 2013 session. This is the fifth year HudsonAlpha's education team has offered the BioTrain program. Read more.

GTAC: Giving life sciences teachers an edge in DNA education

GTAC photoStudents aren't the only ones spending part of their summer at HudsonAlpha. Twenty teachers are participating in the fourth annual Genetic Technologies for Alabama Classrooms training. Nine teachers participating in the current session represent schools in Madison County. Read more.

HudsonAlpha president responds to ruling on gene Dr. Rick Myerspatents

What kind of impact will the Supreme Court's ruling on gene patents have on drug development? According to HudsonAlpha President and Director Richard M. Myers, Ph.D., it will, "bring many more creative minds" to genomic research. After all, scientists developing new thereapies will no longer need to legally battle corporations to use genes required for their research. Read more.