HudsonAlpha Journal – 2012, Volume 4, Issue 2

April 6, 2012


Tales from the crypts lead researchers to colon cancer discover

Foxtail millet imageTales from the crypt are supposed to be scary, but new research from HudsonAlpha's Shawn Levy, Ph.D., and colleagues, as well as Vanderbilt scientists shows that crypts, at least intestinal crypts, can be places of renewal too. That can be an aid in the fight against colon cancer. Read more.

Why we have plenty of fish in the sea

Fish imageNew work from HudsonAlpha's president and director, Rick Myers, Ph.D., along with Jane Grimwood, Ph.D., and Jeremy Schmutz, has helped pinpoint evolution in action. The research, conducted with collaborators at Stanford University and five other teams, determined genomic changes leading to the ability of different fish populations to adapt to new environments. Published in Nature, April 4, 2012. Read more.

Genomic variations play complex role in autism spectrum disorder

Because autism spectrum disorders are so diverse, scientists have only found a few genetic factors that clearly contribute a risk for developing the condition. New work from scientists at HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, along with collaborators at the Broad Institute and 12 other groups, has examined genome mutations in autism and concludes that the picture is still complex. Published in Nature, April 4, 2012. Read more.

Genetic mutation found in familial chronic diarrhea syndrome

When the intestines are not able to properly process our diet, a variety of disorders can develop, with chronic diarrhea as a common symptom. Chronic diarrhea can also be inherited, most commonly through conditions with genetic components such as irritable bowel syndrome. Shawn Levy, Ph.D., and collaborators in Norway and India, identified one heritable DNA mutation that leads to chronic diarrhea and bowel inflammation. Their findings were published in The New England Journal of Medicine, March 21, 2012. Read more.

Join us for the Double Helix Dash

Foxtail millet imageThe inaugural Double Helix Dash 5K and Twilight Run is all set for Tuesday, April 10. The response for this event has been phenomenal. Registration for the 5K closed with some 400 participants. Another 100 people signed up for the 1-mile. Read more.