HudsonAlpha Connections: GET YOUR SCIENCE ON

HudsonAlpha’s Connections group is comprised of young professionals committed to raising awareness about the institute’s nonprofit efforts among their peers. To help achieve that goal, the Connections held a unique event called Get Your Science On.

The friend- and fundraiser drew nearly 100 guests to HudsonAlpha, many of whom were first-time visitors. Kristi Kelley, Chris Hanback, Jeremy Pope, Sonia Robinson and Rob Heard were among the committee members who helped plan the event. Attendees enjoyed fun, hands-on activities related to biotechnology.

"It was an honor to host this event and give HudsonAlpha a platform to explain the exciting science being done here," said Connections member Kristi Kelley. "The professionals who attended were introduced to a wide variety of work being done by postdoctoral fellows and were able to participate in hands-on activities to learn more about genetics."

Postdoctoral fellows Kenny Day, Kevin Bowling and Kelly Williams had an opportunity to wow attendees with presentations of their work. Guests later voted and the proceeds from ticket sales supported the researchers’ various projects.

"The research that goes on at HudsonAlpha is so complex and seems so foreign to many in our community. It is easy to be intimidated," said Connections member Chris Hanback. "However, the research that goes on at the institute impacts all of our lives and that was the focal point of the evening. The feedback from attendees was that it was really an eye-opening experience for them and they encouraged us to host future events at HudsonAlpha."

Guests also heard from Dr. Neil Lamb about the institute’s educational programs. Many took tours, which provided a more in-depth look at HudsonAlpha’s three-fold mission of genomic research, educational outreach and economic development.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this such an outstanding event!

To see photos from Get Your Science On, check out the Get Your Science On album on HudsonAlpha’s Facebook page.