All of our half-day experiences for high school groups are $150/group. The HudsonAlpha Bistro can provide a boxed lunch for $8.50 a student, for experiences over 4 hours.

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Cytogeneticist for a Day (1.5 hrs)

In this half-day experience, students will take on the role of a cytogeneticist, examining patient samples for chromosomal anomalies. Students will learn how karyotypes are produced and work through one of 15 patients case studies, using HudsonAlpha’s Disorder Detectives® kit, to create a karyotype.  Along the way, HudsonAlpha instructors will lead students through discussion about the impact of chromosomal changes.

Extreme Extraction (1.5 hrs)

Extracting DNA is a favorite activity for many students and teachers. In this half-day experience, students take DNA extractions to the next level, by creating their own extraction solutions using common household items to extract DNA from one of a variety of food items. Students will learn how cell structure impacts the extraction process and discuss why scientists extract DNA.

All in the Family-Or Is It? (2.5 hrs)

In this half-day, lab based experience, students will examine the role of inherited mutations and environmental factors using the HNPCC® kit.  In the lab, students will use a family medical history to create a pedigree and select likely candidates for genetic testing.  Using gel electrophoresis, students will identify family members carrying the cancer-linked mutation.  Throughout the day, students will discuss ethical challenges related to genetic testing.

Genome Cache® (Can be combined with other experiences) (1 hr) 

Using the double helix sidewalks of McMillian Park, students investigate nearly 200 genetic points of interest along the GenomeWalk®.  The Genome Cache app provides clues to send students on a scavenger hunt through the genome.  Students respond to genetic trivia questions to receive the next clue and can compare their scores to the statewide leaderboard.  Genome Cache is only available at certain times.  Instructors interested in Genome Caching with their students should inquire about availability when scheduling a visit to HudsonAlpha.