All of our full-day experiences for high school groups are $225/group plus the cost of lunch. The HudsonAlpha Bistro provides a boxed lunch for $8.50 a student, for experiences lasting over 4 hours.

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Investigating the Genetics of Cancer (5 hrs)

In this full-day, lab-based experience, students will examine the genetic roots of cancer, compare hereditary and non-hereditary cancers and use the HNPCC® kit to trace a cancer-related mutation through a family. In the lab, students will use a family medical history to create a pedigree and select likely candidates for genetic testing.  Using gel electrophoresis, students will identify family members carrying the cancer-linked mutation.  Throughout the day, students will discuss ethical challenges related to genetic testing. This experience includes lunch (at an additional $8.50/student), a tour of HudsonAlpha, and a talk with a scientist involved in cancer research.

Genetically Modified Snacks? (6 hrs)

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are the subject of wide ranging debates in the US and in other countries.  In this full-day experience, students will investigate genetic modifications on plants and examine common snack items for the presence of genetically modified corn or soybean.  In the lab, students will extract DNA from snack foods; use PCR to amplify target regions and gel electrophoresis to analyze their results.  Students will explore the ethical challenges related to genetic modification.  This experience includes lunch, a tour of HudsonAlpha, including the Genome Sequencing Center where the soybean genome was completed, and a talk with a HudsonAlpha scientist. 

Genes & ConSEQUENCES® (5hrs)

Students will dive into the Central Dogma in this full-day, computer-based activity. Students will gain experience with DNA sequencing and look at how changes in key regions of DNA can cause disease. Using one of 15 case studies, students will practice DNA base pairing, transcription and translation. Students will create protein folding models and discuss how changes in amino acid sequence may impact protein function.  This experience includes lunch (at an additional cost of $8.50/student), a tour of the Genome Sequencing Center, a talk with a sequencing center scientist, and a tour of another laboratory to discuss how sequencing data is used in modern genomic research.