Get to know: Dasi Mosley

Dasi Mosley, Ed.S., is the newest employee to join the HudsonAlpha educational outreach team. After spending more than a decade as a teacher in a traditional classroom, the Birmingham native is blooming in her role at the institute. We invite you to get to know Dasi.

Q: What led you to HudsonAlpha?
An amazing and God-ordained path led me here. I was attending the 2013 Genetic Technologies for Alabama Classrooms, deepening my understanding of genetics and genomics. I was highly impressed by the level of content provided and by the professionalism displayed. 

Before GTAC, I had been thinking about how I wanted to spend the remainder of my education career. I reviewed my personal qualities, interests and skill set. When I learned of the biotechnology education specialist opening at HudsonAlpha, I knew it was a fit. I immediately jumped on the opportunity to work with this team at HudsonAlpha.

Q: What is your role here?
As the biotechnology education specialist, my focus is facilitating field trips. When middle school and high school groups visit the institute, I am the primary educator interacting with students during labs and activities. I'll be connecting with other scientists throughout the building, asking if students may tour their lab space or if they can take a few minutes to speak with our budding scholars. 

Q: Why is your job focus important?
The main objectives of the HudsonAlpha educational outreach team are creating a genomically-literate community and inspiring Alabama's youth as tomorrow's biotech workforce. Working with students on a regular basis addresses both of these important areas.

Q: What is your educational background?
I obtained a BS in biology and a secondary education certification from the University of Montevallo. I earned a Master of Arts in health education, a Master of Science in biology and an educational specialist degree, along with a class AA certification in secondary biology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Q: How did your previous professional experiences prepare you for this role?
As a 13-year veteran of the classroom, I am very comfortable preparing students to be better citizens and mentoring peer educators. This includes empowering students with personal knowledge, which helps build self-esteem, as well as content knowledge, problem solving and conflict-resolution skills.

As a teacher, I was always looking for new and exciting ways to engage my scholars. I was very fortunate to teach some of the best and brightest in Birmingham City Schools. They constantly challenged me to present them with cutting-edge scientific topics and concepts. My goal was to provide opportunities for these students to participate in programs and activities that would build them academically, as well as personally.

Through my work with educational outreach, I am able to share my skill set with students across Alabama and neighboring states, along with my peer educators.

Q: Who or what sparked your passion for science?
My parents and seventh-grade life sciences teacher sparked my interest, but my passion remains strong through continual interactions with students and teachers and by sharing in their "light bulb" moments. I love being part of the process as students and teachers gain a better understanding of a new scientific discovery and its implications. Science is so cool because there is always something new to explore.

Q: What is the best part of your job?
Although I am not physically in a classroom, I continue to play a role in enhancing education, whether it's inspiring a young girl to see herself as a scientist or sharing a classroom strategy with a peer educator.

Q: What do you like best about working at HudsonAlpha?
I work with amazing and supportive individuals every day. They challenge me, encourage me and inspire me to grow and be the best educator and professional possible.