What is the Genomic Medicine Conference All About?

Genomic medicine is increasingly being integrated into clinical care. The HudsonAlpha Genomic Medicine: Empowering Personal Health conference is designed to educate physicians, nurses, allied health professionals and clinical researchers in the technologies, applications, ethics and social impacts of the practice of genomic medicine.


The Genomic Medicine Conference is an interdisciplinary and international program focused on advancing knowledge in the field of genomic medicine in a clinical care setting, and empowering clinicians with the information they need in order to begin integration of genomics into medical practice.

What will I learn?

Attendees will receive a basic overview of genomic medicine, as well as new findings, best practices, and challenges in the full implementation of genomics into clinical care. Physicians and clinicians will discover the value of using genomic medicine in their practice, the resources available to them, the future of genomic medicine, how to read reports and the best way to communicate genomic findings with their patients. Individual talks will address the utility of genomics in specific medical specialties and subspecialties. Genetic and genomic researchers will learn of new discoveries in rare and common disease, sequencing technologies, and ethical considerations.

Who will be attending?

  • Physicians & healthcare professionals
  • Human geneticists and counselors
  • Healthcare system leaders
  • Genomic scientists and researchers
  • Individuals interested in developing a healthcare roadmap based on their genomic makeup
  • Healthcare vendors