Sequencing Projects

Large-scale genome sequencing is a core capability of HudsonAlpha. We offer two avenues to work with our sequencing teams.

High-Throughput Sequencing Service

The HudsonAlpha Genomic Services Lab offers cutting-edge genetic research tools to both academic and commercial customers. Take advantage of our service lab for sample processing. Cutting-edge genetic research tools to both academic and commercial customers.

  • No demands for authorship or data ownership
  • Automated processing to minimize variation and increase throughput
  • Online project management system
  • Minimal pricing from cost-recovery core
  • 3-6 week turnaround on most projects
  • Rapid response projects accepted

Next-generation sequencing

  • Whole genome sequencing
  • Exome sequencing
  • Targeted resequencing
  • Reduced representation bisulfate sequencing (RRBS)
  • RNA-seq (including non-coding and microRNA)


  • Genome-wide SNP analysis
  • Panel assays
  • Methylation analysis


  • Gene expression
  • SNP Validation

De novo genome assembly and finishing

Collaborate with one of the few centers in the world capable of de novo genome sequence and assembly. The Genome Sequencing Center (GSC) has produced high quality plant and fungal genomic resources for over 100 species. We specialize in eukaryotic whole genome sequence, assembly, and analysis together with improvement or finishing of complex eukaryotic genomes and are currently focused on agriculture and bioenergy.