Genome Circle recognition dinner

HudsonAlpha hosted the inaugural Genome Circle recognition dinner on Thursday, February 7. The event was an opportunity for HudsonAlpha administrators, faculty investigators and educators to thank members of the Genome Circle—the institute's major giving program.

Nearly 200 guests heard from co-founder Jim Hudson, HudsonAlpha President and Director Rick Myers, Ph.D., and Genome Circle co-chair John Jurenko.  Jurenko's personal battle with Parkinson's disease inspired him and his wife, Ruth, to donate $500,000 to support a collaborative study on Parkinson's by researchers at HudsonAlpha and the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Irma Tuder, a HudsonAlpha board member, ambassador and Genome Circle member, was emcee for the dinner.

To learn more about the Genome Circle, please watch the video posted below. You may also email external affairs if you would like to explore giving opportunities at HudsonAlpha.  PHOTO GALLERY