Foresight Biosciences moving research discoveries to market

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Foresight Biosciences, an associate company at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, announces its enzymes and assay kits are now available to the glycobiology and pharmaceutical research markets.

“Much of the available technology has not been optimized for studying the biology of sugars and sugar polymers,” said Randall Wilson, Ph.D., vice president and lead scientist at Foresight. “After observing the landscape of glycobiology, our product offering was chosen to address specific needs of glycobiology researchers. We have developed innovative solutions which allow researchers quicker and more accurate results specifically focused on their needs.”

Glycosylation is the chemical process of attaching complex sugar molecules to proteins. The increasing number of glycosylated therapeutic proteins is driving a growing market for new products to assist in glycobiology research. According to Ronny Hughes, Ph.D., president and chief scientist at Foresight, “most protein therapeutic production relies on recombinant expression systems that often yield products with incorrect or undesirable glycosylations on their surfaces.”

Foresight’s products can be used for infectious disease and protein therapeutics research. The company’s product and technology portfolio presents solutions to identify glycoconjugate structures and either repair or modify them. By doing so, the company has been able to fill a void that exists in commercialization technologies for glycobiology and pharmaceutical research markets.

“Glycobiology is one of the most promising frontiers of molecular biology,” said Ernie Curto, Ph.D., senior scientist at Foresight. “It’s exciting to be a pioneer in this new science inside a startup business environment.”

Foresight came to HudsonAlpha in 2012 to commercialize concepts to further glycobiology research. Having offices at the world’s only nonprofit research institute where accelerating science from bench to business occurs on the same campus, makes that goal attainable.



About Foresight Biosciences
Foresight Biosciences commercializes technology for glycobiology research with an emphasis on creating tools for engineering glycoconjugates that alter the biodistribution of administered therapeutics. The company offers a variety of enzymes and assay kits to help identify, modify and scout out reaction conditions to produce glycoconjugates.

HudsonAlpha Media Contact:
Margetta Thomas

Business Contact
Randall Wilson, Ph.D.
Vice-president and Lead Scientist, Foresight Biosciences