Questions about GeneChat 2016? You’re in the right place: We have answers.

A: This year’s GeneChat is an Educational Outreach social media blitz, held loosely in conjunction with DNA Day. We will be interacting with students, educators and the public through live Q&A, video interviews, instructional snippets, etc. through Facebook and Twitter. Educational Outreach will also be giving behind-the-scenes looks through Instagram and Snapchat.

A: GeneChat will be April 22, 2016 from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm. We will mostly be in Educational Outreach common spaces on the 4th floor of the Institute, but we can also visit your space(s) to give an inside look at the awesome things going on in your area!

A: We want to showcase the diversity of people, topics and developments going on in our Institute, and not just in Educational Outreach. Moderators will be able to interact with participants on a variety of levels- take a look at each of the descriptions, and possible implementation ideas, and sign up for a social media platform that you would most enjoy!

A: Not necessarily! Many of the Q&A and content pieces will be focused around hot topics in the world of genetics, genomics and biotechnology, so moderators will need to be comfortable in that content arena. However, we still want to showcase all of the departments and individuals that make HudsonAlpha so great! We will be using Instagram to post pictures and quotes of individuals all over the building. Even if you aren’t comfortable with the content piece, sign up to have us spotlight the hard work you do at HudsonAlpha!

A: Of course you can! You can even sign up to do a different platform for each time slot, if you want.

A: The beauty of Facebook is that there is a variety of options to choose from:

  1. We can post a topic question to open for discussion, and give input on the comments and replies that come in.
  2. We can do a video interview, where an EO team member asks you submitted questions from the public about topics of interest related to your specialty (don’t worry- we promise not to make it feel awkward!)
  3. We can also post facts about the work you are doing in your company, lab or department. People love to hear about the awesome work happening at HudsonAlpha!

A: Twitter will be a live Q&A format. We will have computers logged in to our Educational Outreach Twitter account, and you can answer questions that come to us through our account or hashtags. (Not to worry, we will have detailed instructions for you!)

A: We would still love for your help! On the moderator form, there is an option to let us take your picture and ask you a couple of questions. Our plan is to use Instagram to showcase the diversity of individuals and backgrounds in the Institute, spotlighting the people who help make HudsonAlpha what we are today.