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Since its founding, HudsonAlpha has striven to explain scientific discoveries clearly, free of technical jargon. The end-goal? Citizens who understand the implications and application of life science research, without requiring a dictionary or translator. Dr. Neil Lamb, the Vice President for Educational Outreach, authors an ongoing series of articles for HudsonAlpha’s newsletter. Each highlights a key concept, tool or technique important to the field of biotechnology.

Genomics Driven Oncology

Agricultural Genomics

Large Scale Genome Sequencing

Exploring and Understanding the ENCODE project

The Microbiome


Genome Sequencing to Uncover Disease

Stem Cells

Psychiatric Disorders


Synthetic Biology: Merging Engineering and Biology

Unlocking the Disorders of the Mind

Telomeres: The Aglets of the Genomic World

The Genetics of Eye Color

The 2009 H1N1 Flu Outbreak: Separating Myth From Fact

Genome-Wide Association Studies

Comparative Genomics


Copy Number Variation

The Human Genome Project

Personalized Medicine


DNA Microarrays