Fuel for Relocation

photo: tax incentives

Tax Incentives

Multiple incentives are available to life sciences companies seeking to become a HudsonAlpha Associate, including tax abatements and tax credits.

Affordable Sales Tax

Alabama’s statutes for sales and use tax include a number of exemptions and other incentives that work to provide Alabama with a definite advantage over other states. If the proper procedures are followed, industries that qualify may abate all state and local non-educational construction related transactions (sales and use) taxes associated with constructing or equipping a project. However, in order to utilize this incentive, prior approval must be received from the City of Huntsville.

Property Tax Rates

For industries or companies that qualify, the non-educational state and local portion of property taxes can be abated. With the exception of data processing centers, property tax abatements are available for a maximum period of ten years and must be granted prior to placing the project in service. These abatements are all statutory. If a project meets the legal qualifications for incentives, then it will be eligible to receive that incentive 3.7 billion is allocated to Alabama’s Research Economy, making it the most intensive state in the Southeast according to the 2014 National Science Foundation Science and Engineering Indicators.